TeraCopy is number one program that will help you copy and move your files much faster. This tool is especially useful if you need to transfer a big size file. Move multiple files all at once using TeraCopy and you will get things done faster than you can imagine! The program will show you full report on the size and status of each file so you can fully control the program while it runs.

TeraCopy recovers your files in case of any errors. Teracopy will make several attempts to transfer the file, and if the error still occurs, the program will just skip transferring the damaged file, but the other files will be transferred completely. After the transfer is finished, you will be given a list of failed transfers so that you can recopy the lacking files.

Here is what TeraCopy has to offer its users:

  • Accelerated speed of moving and copying files thanks to innovative technologies;
  • You can pause and resume the transfer of files any time. Just make one click;
  • Error recovery feature;
  • Interactive file list;
  • Full Unicode support;

In conclusion, TeraCopy is splendid solution that everyone will appreciate for sure. Download TeraCopy  to transfer your data with the high-speed and be sure that TeraCopy won’t let you lose any files while you are moving them from place to place.

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